5 exercises for those who miss the movement, but are afraid to get tired

This workout wakes up your muscles and warms up your whole body.

This workout does not involve active jumping jacks, push-ups, or other serious muscle or lung work. It will pleasantly warm up the muscles, slightly increase the amplitude of joint movements and you will really enjoy the movement.

How to do a workout

Perform the following exercises for the indicated number of times or seconds when the movement is static:

  • Cat-ox and bird-dog – 10 times
  • Deep squat, tilt and “caterpillar” – 10 times
  • Static wall squat – 30 seconds
  • Hip circle and running in place – 10 times
  • Side plank leg circles – 10 per side (5 in each direction)

Follow the three circles as an exercise. And the circuit replaces a pre-workout warm-up or a short break when working out at home.

How to do the exercises

Bull cat and dog bird

Try to move the whole area, but do it slowly. As you raise your arm and leg, try to keep your body straight without leaning to the side.

Deep squat, tilt and “caterpillar”

Squeeze your knees with your elbows deep and plant your heels on the floor to maximize your back. Keep your back straight, even on an incline, and slightly bend your knees if they are rounded.

If you want a little more stress, apply pressure at the end of penetration. Otherwise, just step back with your hand and return to a deep squat.

Static wall squat

Keep your legs bent at a right angle, keep your back straight, and press your lower back against the wall.

Hip circle and running in place

Don’t rush: rotate your hips slowly and widely. Squeeze your buttocks while moving your leg backwards. Replace your legs each time.

Side plank leg circles

Make sure the body is stretched in a straight line and remains in the same plane. If the shoulders move forward or the bowl moves back, adjust the position. Make five circles in each direction, then stand on the other side of the sideboard and repeat the same.