How to return to training after a break?

Sometimes we have to take breaks during training, but without physical activity we lose stamina, strength and form. Returning to class wisely can help you recover quickly and get results. We understand what a smart start is and how to get back into fashion after a long hiatus.

Where to start training

If the course lasts several months or even several years, the resumption after the break is to be treated as a new start. After a long break, it is better not to start with the loads, but with a state analysis. With skill tests, that is.

During the Fitness Test, you and the trainer assess:

  • Characteristics of posture and movements during exercises. The instructor will assess the movements and tell you which exercises to avoid and which ones to do to get back to the previous form. It also helps you choose a training program and eliminate potential threats
  • Force and resistance indicators. The resistance quickly disappears. Literally a month off from classes. But with regular and reasonable training, the indicators return just as quickly
  • Your lifestyle. Your diet, sleep, and stress level have a direct impact on how quickly your muscles recover. The trainer will review the characteristics of your schedule to make recommendations that fit perfectly into it
  • Body composition. During a break, people often lose muscle and gain excess fat. The body analysis scale gives you an objective picture so the trainer can develop an effective training program for you. During fitness tests, the trainer also takes measurements to monitor your progress in the future

You need to start slow and easy because you haven’t exercised in a long time. Don’t expect your cargo to reach you as easily as before. You have to give your body time to adapt.

Loads that will suit you after a break

You start slow and gentle, which you did not long ago. You should not expect the load to arrive as lightly as before. You have to give your body time to adjust.

  1. Charges the power. The TRX is a great tool to help your body get back into shape without strain. You can also start with small dumbbells.
  2. Space donkey. They add loads to develop endurance and work diligently on the cardiovascular system. Make sure your heart doesn’t reach its highest levels. It is sufficient to work with a maximum intensity of about 80%.
  3. Recovery styles. They help you to better adjust the load and avoid injuries.

What loads should be avoided for a comfortable return to form?

  1. Exercises in Sali. The musculoskeletal system must be prepared for such exercises. If you start doing it right after you return, the risk of injury is high
  2. Work hard. It is not necessary to start careers away from Salona. Nor is it worth waiting to be able to easily lift the same weight as before. Start with small dumbbells and gradually increase from light to heavy
  3. High intensity workouts. The most useful thing is the load to which the body adapts. However, this is a mistake, because the higher the intensity of training, the faster it returns to its original form. High intensity activities that your body is not prepared for can cause you to lose muscle and gain excess fat due to excessive stress

Which workout to choose to start

The choice depends on how long the break lasted and who it was related to. After the physical fitness test, the coach can make specific recommendations.

General recommendations might look like this:

  • Workouts with TRX. TRX curls help train muscles and joints without overloading them. It is a low stress load on the body. They stimulate the endocrine system and tissue regeneration.
  • Medium intensity interval training. It is not necessary to start with high intensity. After a long break, it is better to include a tanning session in the program, combining an energy load with a moderate-intensity cardio.
  • 3D Procedures on the platform. The D3D on the Treatment Platform puts great strain on the joints and muscles, including the deep muscles. As a precaution – pick up light dumbbells and start training in the comfort zone only after rest. There should be no pain or discomfort during exercise.
  • Recovery course. Yoga kits and myofascial relaxation in the rest class are important exercises after a long break. They will restore both the physical and the emotional state.

With regular exercise and proper exercise choices, your well-being, appearance, and physique should change after a month. If there are no changes, review the program. The load may be too high or too low. Your lifestyle outside the gym also affects the outcome – pay attention to diet and sleep habits. To regain shape, do what gives you benefit and joy.